Flower/rosette tutorial

After yesterday’s post I got the question how that flower/rosette was made from the canvas fringe, so for the ones whom are interested here is the step by step for making a canvas fringe embellishment. And if you need canvas fringe you can get from Canvas Corp Brands of course, just click the link. You need a needle, some thread and the simplest button that comes into your hand. That’s going to be the end result (here it’s not coloured):

You can use them on scrapbook layouts, or on your cards, (just to remind you it is a great deco on packages as well, you can colour them with Glimmer mists), or in your art journal/altered book like me:

So to create a flower/rosette like that, you need 11 inch or 29 cm of canvas fringe, that you need to cut in half so you will have actually 2 pieces (5,5′ and 5,5′ or 14,5′ and 14,5′).

Stitch together the 2 ends of the first piece (5,5′ or 14,5′) like a ring.

Then gather one side with small stitches, pull them strong and make a knot.

Now comes the second layer, so you need the second piece (5,5′ or 14,5′), fold it into half for the length, and sew the two edges together making the same ring like the first time just thinner.

Now again you need to gather one side to the middle and pull it strong, but don’t knot or cut the thread yet.

Now you need to put the second petal layer on top of the first one and make a stitch or two to fast them together.

Finally add your button and tadaah:

The ready size that you get is app 2 inch or app 5 cm depending on how strong you pulled in the middle. You can colour the fringe before or you can colour embellishment. Have fun!

About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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17 Responses to Flower/rosette tutorial

  1. Cindy Wirl says:

    Thanks for the awesome flower tutorial!
    Love it on your art journal page! I have always liked the distressed look by tearing paper.

  2. mtmeade3 says:

    It’s beautiful however, I’m having a hard time following the still-life directions for some reason. You don’t show anything folded in half and I can’t seem to visualize how you get from the skinny ring to the full round circle layer. I’m sorry, perhaps I’m just missing the easiest of ideas but I thought perhaps it would be easier to follow if you made a video of it rather than still images. Just a thought. I would love to make some of these I think they’re beautiful. I’m just having a hard time with it. I’m sorry.

  3. mtmeade3 says:

    Oh thank you! You are just the best Ruth!!! I really appreciate it cuz I would like to make some. They are super cute and I like that you can make them into any color you want/need.
    Big Hugs!

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  5. massofhair says:

    Oh oh, just seen that i missed this post though i can’t see the width anywhere where the sizes of fabric are shown. will go see if i can find the dimensions of canvas fringe, not heard of it before.

    Wonderful tutorial Ruth, so glad i saw the video as it makes everything so much clearer. Sorry i can’t comment on You Tube, i am not a member of G+ so will leave comments on here.

    Just followed you on You Tube, i believe i am number three subscriber, looking forward to seeing more Ruth 🙂 xxx

  6. Lisette says:

    Great tutorial and so clear to follow, definitely want to try this. So pretty in the natural colour too.

  7. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I don’t hand sew because I can’t grip a needle, but I really like the results and will send your link to a friend who does hand sewing.

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