Let’s dance!

This time at Stampotique designer’s challenge my dear talented friend Samantha gave us the challenge to use only one stamp. For me, who is a texture freak, it’s a very difficult job. So I tried to create all my textures without using any stamp and I added an image as the one and only from Stampotique. So let’s dance:

Say hello to Twinkie from Daniel Torrente. Isn’t he a cute, is he? Yeap, a bit of a background story. So it was all beginning with a wooden heart, ba bum, ba bum… I applied on it some black sand texture paste. Then came the worst part:

Me, had to wait till it dries, out in the air, more than a night, because after the night in the middle it was still a bit wet. But waited, and waited, then I decided that’s it, that heart needs to get red. So I used some beeswax and pigment and I made it red!

I loved the black sand coming through the red wax. Discovered something new, thanks Samantha! Then I wanted some background, so I mixed some more wax with another pigment and used a simple non-absorbent paper to create a an abstract background with some metal tools that I heated up to run through the wax.

I had that shadow box sort of a thing, so I altered the sides, I applied my background and added my heart.

Oh yeah, the bottom where Twinkie stands is covered with graphite texture paste, actually Twinkie is held by that texture paste. As you can see my rusty side asked for some more altered found objects on that grunge heart.

The lettering is simple scrap, I have no idea which company, has it for years, sorry.

Hope you liked Twinkie dancing out of his heart for you. So that was my one stamp story for today!

About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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23 Responses to Let’s dance!

  1. Kathi R says:

    Wow! This is fabulous. I love that textured heart with the black peeking through the red. The blue background is fantastic as well. Both provide a wonderful backdrop for Twinkie’s interpretive dance!

    Thanks for playing along with us this week at Stampotique Designers Challenges!

  2. zksmith says:

    Don’t you just hate having to wait for things to dry! The finished heart looks great!

  3. massofhair says:

    Twinkie is adorable, dancing the night away putting his heart & soul into it! I am sure his feet feel like they are made from stone after all his efforts.

    Stunning background Ruth, love your project very much:-) xxx

  4. Kay Wallace says:

    Wow, Ruth! This is most definitely a piece of art! First, love how your heart ended up being red with black popping through, as opposed to the opposite, which I expected! Love your abstract background! The more time I spend looking at it, the more things I imagine I see–kind of like looking at clouds and finding familiar objects! What fun! Love the last-minute addition of the rusty bits, too! So glad you remain a part of the Stampotique Designers’ Challenge!

  5. This is such a cool piece! Those hearts rock! I love that texture coming through the bees wax!! That guy is the coolest! My daughter thought he was rockin as well!! LOL!! Love the fun Ruth! Blessings! 🙂

  6. kampysgirl says:

    Love that background Ruth! Like a disco explosion!! What a great lil frame- I love your lil guy!! xoxo

  7. Love this Ruth, so much texture!!!!
    Thanks so much for joining in with us at Stampotique 🙂

  8. kaz says:

    It’s fabulous Ruth! Thanks for joining us again at Stampotique this week.

  9. Julie S says:

    This looks great. Loving the heart and background!

  10. Corrie says:

    Your background is fabulous and Twinkie, well he just adorable isn’t he ! Thank you for joining us at Stampotique !
    Corrie x

  11. *Arwen* says:

    Good job Ruth! This is brilliant ❤ I love this background
    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designers Challenge 🙂

    xx Arwen

  12. mrsbeez says:

    LOVE this. It’s such fun and has such a feel good factor. The background and heart are awesome.

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