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Sing a little song

Well if I think about music there are many things coming up in my head, music instruments, notes, a song and of course dancing. All these components together has one meaning to me: music. A composer puts his notes down … Continue reading

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Hundred leafed flower card

For this card I was inspired by an Indian poem written by Nishu Mathur: A garden of marigolds… orange, yellow and rust, Bright, soft and rich, touched with golden dust. Quiet and regal, sun kissed and fair, Basil-citrus fragrance that … Continue reading

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Mixed media butterfly

Today I was playing on canvas, I really felt like getting free and do something for the fun. So I just kept going, wherever it takes me. Step by step. First I had a few pieces of old newspapers hanging … Continue reading

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Inner child art challenge

As a child I remember I was falling in love with a technique that we learnt at our art class. For a whole year I kept producing paintings with it, and I called them rainbow paintings. So today I decided … Continue reading

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Something green

Today morning I took my son to school, and I realized that spring time is at our door. As I walked down the street I saw the first little green signs on the trees, even somehow the grass looked greener. … Continue reading

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Changes we all have in our lives, sometimes they are positive or easy, sometimes they are negative or hard. Actually all changes are experiences and through these experiences we grow. We not only get old but we get richer and … Continue reading

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Love, calm, nature

It’s all about the love towards nature and the soothing, healing affect of it: Pan pastel with acrylics. Sitting under a lovely tree in a summer breeze breathing the nature in keeps me calm… I am attaching my art journal … Continue reading

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Stained glass style

Inspiration Avenue’s weekly challenge:¬†looks like stained glass. As we are in February and just before Valentine, I thought I am going to create a Valentine stained glass look-a-like. Black photo cardboard, wrinkled rice paper, and pan pastels.

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Hearts and flowers

Inspiration Avenue‘s weekly challenge: hearts and flowers. I played around on my gelli plate with self made heart stamp and flower stamp. That’s the finished piece, the back ground is a simple print acrylics rolled out on my plate with … Continue reading

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Next door neighbours

Inspiration Avenue’s weekly challenge: mice. Little creatures, that can be cute kept in a cage or annoying when they run around in your basement, coming in different colors from white to grey or brown. Well when I thought about them … Continue reading

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