Taking a long walk at the left bank

Hi sweeties! Today I have an extraordinary post for you, it’s art and it’s not art, well let’s say more inspiration. Here comes the situation, as you know I had the flu for 10 days or more, actually something real hideous, was getting weak, so to get back on my feet I need some fresh air, number two after sickness I am always looking for some inspiration, you know just to get that mojo-jojo going again, number three we have school vacation for a week here so kiddo is at home and I just love spending fun time with him. We took our walking shoes and hit the left bank or as it is called Linkeroever. If you feel like take a tea and join us for our walk.

Here we were still full of energy, happily landed at the other side. We are going to discover what we missed till know, you know every time of the year you see things with different eyes.

In the beginning it was a bit cloudy and foggy, but we didn’t care, we are the brave lions!

Then there was that little fellow coming to greet us, jumping all the time, like his legs were too cold to touch the ground. I am not a big birdwatcher so forgive me have no idea which type he was. Looking for some nautical – beach – strand inspiration we headed down the avenue and:

there it stood, alone, away from all the others that were attached in a line standing strictly like soldiers. So different in style, and that art work just caught my eye, wonder who lives there… I could have it, on wish list check! Before we reached the strand I saw this in the yard of a restaurant:

what a perfect inspiration for the theme Vino & Ale, stay tuned it is coming! Our strand was cold and abounded, only sea gulls kept us some company so we decided to turn towards the port and look for some inspiration there.

It was a still life waiting for us, all anchored down, quiet, no movements, some painting, some reparation, but luckily the sun came out and showed us her face, amazing site of yachts:

And this one I really found inspirational, the coral colour with those dried out alga’s, just fantastic nautical view:

We left the port and walked further in the park there we found this great old bell that we called the mama bell:

And a smaller version that we called the son bell (guess why…):

Weathered they are as they came from actual ships and still stay standing in all condition outdoors.

Anchors disconnected or maybe reconnected to land.

Still carrying their memories good or bad, you can guess!

A bouy grounded will never navigate anymore.

And modern art that got destroyed or improved by the unknown biker, you can decide.

We finished our tour by the legs of the wooden sailor looking down at our Schelde and welcoming the visitors. Hope you enjoyed this little walk with us and got inspired, if so just sleeves up and create! Have a happy week everyone!

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February tag

To say good bye to the Valentine’s theme I made a last tag:

The tag is my interpretation of Tim Holtz’s twenty-fifteen february tag. First I collaged some ephemera’s on my tag.

I sanded my collage then I sealed it with glue and seal. I applied a layer of picket fence paint and added some shadows with distress marker.

I added a small piece of lace to the bottom. I added a metal heart embellishment on my metal arrow embellishment that I applied on my tag. I coloured a piece of crinkle ribbon and added to my tag.

Here is a close-up on my embellishments:

Then I used Sizzix basic forms to cut a bigger and smaller heart shape from felt. I stitched my felt hearts on my tag.

I added “i heart you” from Tim Holtz’s chit chat stickers.

Hope you like my farewell communique to Valentine this year. I am sharing my tag with Tim Holtz’s 12 tags of 2015 – february. And I am adding it to Vintage Journey challenge tic-tac-toe, I chose for metal embellishments – ephemera – die cuts.

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Painted journal cover

Here we go, my journal cover is dry, finally I could put the rings back, tadaah:

I used corrugated cartoon as the covers and first I applied a layer of white gesso, and some texture paste via a stencil.

As usual I looked around my table and took a piece of burlap, some lace left overs. Then I had that paint brush on my table, old and a bit broken. Some buttons, a bottle cup, a bobbin for sewing machine. And the word “art”. I applied all that with some soft gel. Then I added a second layer of gesso, this time with black.

When it dried, as  it was sealed with a double layer of gesso, I could freely play around with   liquid acrylics, I used pearlescents (galactic blue and platinum pink). Finally it got a layer of inks gold (aquamarine and rose quartz).

And here are some more details for you:

So now I have a personalised art journal cover to my new journal.

I am sharing my cover with Paper Artsy’s challenge #3: paint.

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All love and hearts

Happy Valentine Sweeties! To all of you! And today to celebrate you get a special Valentine spread from me with all love and hearts:

Hope you forgive me that the journal is still in pieces, but the cover is drying, so the rings are out. But the spread was ready and I just wanted to share my love with you. All hearts and all love, all reds and all pinks. It all began with misting a page, I used vintage pink and cross my heart glimmer mists.

Gorgeous how they reacted with each other (page was water misted before). Next I used my Stampotique stamps to add more interest to my background. Jo’s French text (#3016) was stamped with black archival while Daniel’s hearts (#6109) was shadow stamped with distress ink (worn lipstick).

I used some paper scraps to stamp pattern with Medium checker board (#8947). Then on my pattern I stamped France’s My heart (#10008). On a white scrap I stamped Roc’s Stacked love (#2427).

I distressed the edge of my text with aged mahogany. I added a small piece of lace, underneath a pink tag, the inner side is my journaling (secret love, I keep it for myself sweeties). The tag was stamped with France’s design cube that falls somehow always into my hand (#10012). And my mojo said it asks for an embellishments so there it came that black square brad.

My heart got trimmed and stitched on some canvas piece and some lace.

Finally some enamel white heart embellishments asked to jump on my spread. I made them pop with black gel pen.

I am sharing my spread with Stampotique designers’ challenge: all love and hearts.

And I am adding it to Journal 52’s Valentine prompt.

Thanks for joining me on this special day. Wishing you a lot of love, care and attention!

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Meet the inspiring Creative Crew

Today love is in the air, and out of my heart I would like to inspire you with crème de la crème creations of Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew. Just browse around and let your eyes get spoiled by all that talent and gorgeousness. And if you are there already, don’t forget to show your love: cast your vote on your favourite piece!

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Create canvas

I created “Create” on a 4×4 canvas for Canvas Corp Brands. The request was to create a sort of a business card, to put your mark on a small canvas, to show who you are as a designer to the world. So here is mine:

Actually it was a lot of fun to try to think about all the things that I like. So I was beginning with a simple stamping using Harlequin background stamp, Versamark and embossing powder.

Stamping check. Then came collaging. I used Serengeti paper and a simple paper dolly to add a scrap collage to my page.

Colouring, did you happened to know that Tattered Angels have a great variety of mists, glazes and paints? And of course in all the colours of the rainbow, with glitter and with chalk, you choose! Here I used glimmer mists (electric blue and sapphire).

While my mists dried, I made that tattered flowers that I cut with Sizzix die. The flower is a printed canvas distressed and the leaves are corrugated cartoon painted.

Under the flower I added a simple brown lace and some thread.

I cut the word “create” from Express yourself gypsy moments paper and applied on my upper corner.

I thought I touched most of the areas and materials I love to use. So I would like to introduce myself as a Creative Crew Member at Canvas Corp Brands.

Why don’t you jump over to Canvas Corp Brands and check out what my fellow Crew Members keep themselves busy with! You can even cast your vote for the best!

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Bubble tea

Well I just mentioned in my friday post that I have the flu. It slows me down and I really hate it, actually because it is the type of a sickness that no matter if you go to the doctor or take medications it takes 10 days and if you keep it pure granny’s best treatments it takes 10 days. So I am not even in the middle, as it is weekend I can count only on my common sense so let’s call it tea days. I touched the citrus side, now I go for the hot beverage. Please give a warm welcome to Bubble tea spread:

Of course the main images are tea bags. But first I was beginning with a simple scrap and ephemera collage, you know what ever I found in my drawer.

Oh there is even a piece of canvas there that ones sucking some amount of spray ink. Yes, that’s the way it goes. And then I used light sienna pencil to drop some shadows. I connected my collage pieces with stamping (texture stamp from Prima inc. and archival ink). Finally I used Finnabair’s stencil to add some bubbles with iridescent medium.

My tea bags, now comes the confessions, these tea bags weren’t hanging out in my cup of tea, or better to say hanging in, no. If it is tea time, why not to make real tea stain spray, yes you read it good. My feverish crazy mind was hanging earl grey black into a measuring cup, no sugar, no lemon, just tea and boiled water. When it cooled I poured it into a misting bottle and no mercy: I sprayed! The iridescent medium was dropping the tea stain down and the paper sucked it up. Loved the effect. I guess I need to think about other cooking ingredients to use in art. Tea works (texture and colouring), cinnamon works (rusting) so what’s next?

I am sharing my spread with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Mou’s february challenge: favourite beverage.

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Art is a window…

Art is a window to man’s soul. Without art he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world, nor could the world see the man within. Love this quote from Claudia Alta Johnson. So I put it straight into my art journal.

It all began with a collage. I used some canvas pieces and some scrap pieces to create my collage.

Using pan pastel shade I tried to add a bit of a shadow. I used Savor the moment cling stamp set with archival ink to add some more texture. Then I coloured my spread with Glimmer mists (electric blue and sunflower).

I used some gelli prints to cut my windows and place over my heart-souls.

On the upper part of my spread I added the first sentence of my sentiment. I used stamps for the word art and the rest I wrote with art marker.

The rest came to the bottom.

And some more details:

I am sharing my windows to Journal 52 prompt windows.

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Lemon, orange and lime

I hate the flu, it is the most unpleasant sickness, and no matter of medications or no medications at least 10 days. So I’ve got it. I was happy to see the new challenge at Stampotique designers’ challenge blog with citrus colours, it is just for me now. So here is my creation:

I worked in my altered book, first I applied some white gesso via a stencil, then I used Tattered Angels Glimmer mists (Sun sister, Marmalade) to colour it.

I splattered with lime acrylic ink, then I used distress ink with France Papillon’s splattered mug (#10017). I distressed the edges as well.

Here is a close-up:

I used a tissue paper while I dried my spread, so I had some coloured tissue. I stamped on it Large butterfly (#3047), I trimmed it and I applied it on my spread with gel medium.

I loved that texture. My lime acrylic ink drop and I cleaned it with a cotton pad, so I thought I am going to colour the rest of the cotton pad to orange. I thought that “magical moment” is the right expression here, so I used barcode text 2 (#10025). I stamped it with distress ink on a natural linen paper and then I added a altered found object and finally I applied it on my spread.

I feel a lot better already from all that citrus colours. Why don’t you jump over to Stampotique designers’ challenge blog to check out the great creations there?

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Valentine’s card

If you could choose one person that you prefer to send a Valentine card, who would it be? Is it a family member? Is it a friend? Actually it can be simply someone who was once nice to you. Why not to say a simple thanks to someone that brings your post, delivers your grocery or bakes your everyday bread! Valentine should be a day when we respect and appreciate each other. On Canvas Corp Brands there is a Valentine card contest if you feel like having a $50 gift card why don’t you check it and join in. Here is my card to inspire you:

If you need some help in how to just stay and relax. First I used Roses r red glimmer glam to colour a background:

Then I used Serengeti paper that looks like a handwritten letter and I coloured it with Marmalade glimmer mist:

From my coloured Serengeti paper I cut circles and hearts that I applied on my background and I made them pop with black gel pen:

I added some stitches:

I used Grateful stamp set and I stamped the word “love” with archival ink an a natural linen paper, I used Sizzix die to cut it to a shape of a tag.

I wrinkled a piece of white tissue stock and I splattered on it with Roses r red glimmer glam paint.

 I formed a candy from my splattered tissue paper with a help of some natural hemp rope. Finally I applied it on my card with my love tag.

Hope you enjoyed the journey of Canvas Corp Brands Valentine’s card. Why don’t you jump over to Canvas Corp Brands Creative Studio to check out more inspiration.

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