Earth brings – earth takes

We are leaving the winter and going into the spring time. It means that all what earth took away with its brilliant red/golden colours, after a long cold white/blue sleep brings back in vivid greens. I made this spread in my journal celebrating the incoming spring time:

As nature is so bountifully showing his ripened treasures when he says good-bye at the autumn time, so much it is restraining itself at the moment of the awakening showing us only different tints of green before the full blossom. I was beginning to paint my whole spread with light chrome green acrylic mixed with white.

Next I added some black and white as still it is a struggle to stay hidden under the ground or to come out to the light.

I used fluid acrylics, misted with water or applied with bamboo pen and plastic card. I painted a book page with the same light chrome green that this time I mixed with black for a darker tint. I cut round shapes to form sprouts like the seed coat is still on the first leaves. I used black art marker to draw the stem and to doodle around.

Finally I added my quote that comes from Lucan: “death is free from the restraint of fortune, the earth takes everything which it has brought forth”. Now we are at the very beginning, earth brings us our spring forth.

I guess we should all go out and enjoy that new beginning.

I am sharing my spread with Journal 52 prompt artistic restraint.


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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12 Responses to Earth brings – earth takes

  1. clare says:

    Loved seeing your whole process leading to the beautiful end result.

  2. windinn says:

    A lovely hopeful spread, Ruth – I particularly like those funky flowers!

  3. Susan Carol says:

    Lovely, Ruth. Really like the black, green and white combo.

  4. Kay Wallace says:

    A very dramatic journal spread, Ruth, both in color and in thought. Profound, even, and I love it!

  5. kampysgirl says:

    Gorgeous! I love your words as well as this spread Ruth- yes, it is time to be reborn! and beautiful again it shall be- just as your page, just as you shall be! xoxo

  6. Sally says:

    Fab colours and love how all the shapes came together. Beautiful.

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