Black with some colours

I guess I am in love with black and metallic colours, oh yeah and recycling. I had a 6×6 canvas and a few found objects that I wanted to give a new life, here is the result:

Would you like to see what my found objects were? Well let’s go step by step: first I had a layer of lace, then a piece of burlap and some waxed rope. Then I had a piece of zipper, a bottle cap, a burnt out bulb, some nails, other construction materials, 8 found fallen on the street, and trimming mats. Voilà:

Enchanting treasures, now all these got a layer of black gesso as a cover:

After it was drying it got two colour layers: pearlescent liquid acrylics and inka golds.

Pearlescent liquid acrylics: platinum pink, galactic blue, autumn gold and sundown magenta. Inka golds: rose quartz, aquamarine, mint green and yellow gold.

I am sharing my canvas with Mixed media place Creative Gym – Exercise #5 black background + all the colours of the rainbow.


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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18 Responses to Black with some colours

  1. windinn says:

    I’m loving this upcycling – can’t get enough of black gesso over all and then pulling it together with colour – you’ve done a great job on this!

  2. Shel C says:

    Awesome use of found objects Ruth 🙂 I like how you used the pieces to seperate the color blocking.

  3. Love your collage, so 3D as well, the light bulb wow. i liked it a lot with the black gesso.

  4. lerusho says:

    Thanks Vicky 🙂

  5. Carrie Lynn says:

    I love your collage and thank you for sharing your process 🙂

  6. Kay Wallace says:

    What a wonderful transformation of what many would call junk and discard! Bravo, Ruth! Amazing art here!

  7. pbhum says:

    Great work at recycling all this! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  8. kampysgirl says:

    Sorry late in commenting, I think I have caught the same bug that had you down- 😦
    Great piece Ruth! Love the color blocking and the pearlescents/metallics- they really make this stand out! Love the recycle!! xo

  9. Josefina says:

    Love the outcome of this canvas! It always amaze me when ordinary object like this turns into a piece of art.

  10. Riikka says:

    This is so cool! Such a piece of art! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

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