…revealing to my charmed sight…

This time I was inspired by a beautiful poem from Anne Brontë:

“I love the silent hour of night,
For blissful dreams may then arise,
Revealing to my charmed sight
What may not bless my waking eyes.”

So reading this line I went to work in my art journal to collage with napkins, that is my vision:

This pieces is originating from three different napkins, they are all left overs from the summer:

First of course I spread a layer of gesso on my journal page and added some burlap for texture and a bit of a stamping with France Papillon’s French journal page.

Next I colorised my spread with Tattered angels Glimmer mists, that I even water misted till it was pretty my soaking into one colour cover. Except the blow, which I found simply necessary to let it drop down after I dried the first layer.

First I applied my fern-plant collage with soft gel:

Then I added my squares and circles (the squares are coming from my striped napkin). And lifted my geometrical shapes with gel pen.

Finally I found my spread a bit dark so I added some white splatters.

Just to share a few experiences working with napkin:

1. easy to peel layers of napkin with sticking a masking tap at the back and pulling the not necessary layers away.

2. collaging one layer napkin, it is useful to have some water in a small pot next to you, so the napkin won’t stick to your fingers (and tears less).

3. you can write, draw or doodle on your finished dry napkin layer with gel pen.

Thanks for joining me to this experiment for today.

About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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23 Responses to …revealing to my charmed sight…

  1. Gracie says:

    Really nice page. Good color.

  2. windinn says:

    Love the boldness of this spread!

  3. zksmith says:

    Great visual effect! I like the drippage and splatter. Good tips for using napkins.

  4. vickilou92 says:

    Ruth, nice demo! I love how you used the napkins in pieces…you’d never recognize them

  5. Rasz says:

    Very cool mixed media piece. I love the way you showed your process. I love working with napkins & paper towels and I also learned how easily they can get stuck all over your fingers, lol!!! Great job. Have a wonderful week, Rasz

  6. massofhair says:

    Like working with napkins and paper towels very much so am enjoying your page. Great colours, fantastic drippage! 🙂 xxx

  7. Lisette says:

    What a stunning response to the poem. I love the dark shadows of the foliage and the geometric shapes. I live not far from “Bronte” country – it can be stunning and bleak at the same time.

    • lerusho says:

      I thought it looks like night vision, you know when you have sort of a dim light surrounded with trees and everything is so mystic, yeah sometimes my fantasy runs away from the reality 😉 I have never been in Bronte, do you call it country or county? We have provinces here.

      • Lisette says:

        A province is a county but the area that the Bronte’s lived would be called Bronte country (and the same for Thomas Hardy) i.e. the specific part of Yorkshire (the county!) that they lived and inspired them/wrote about 🙂

  8. Wonderful to see your page evolve and become so beautiful and I can ‘feel’ your inspiration from the Bronte poem.
    I enjoy using napkins in my art as well.
    Thank you VERY much for sharing the tape on the back trick which I will try soon…
    sometimes I sit for quite awhile peeling away the layers 🙂

    • lerusho says:

      Patty, I also wondered for a while, how I can take only one layer, and of course first I added the masking tape in the front, works great, but d**n it, won’t come off, trying and trying makes us mastering 🙂 xox

  9. kampysgirl says:

    What a transformation from those napkins! !So glad you share your process Ruth- I love to watch you create! xo

  10. Susan Carol says:

    Gorgeous journal page, the white ink splatters was a grea touch. As usual I loved seeing how you built your layers up.

  11. I so enjoy going through all your steps…thanks.

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