Bird’s sweet song

I’d like to share with you a fun little page that I made today. This time simple spread photos and no step by step, but please stay and enjoy:

The page was born from the experience that I have for a few mornings already. As I am living in a roof loft every morning the birds are waking me up, usually during the spring/summer period, but the autumn/winter period is always quiet. There’s nothing, just the wind and the rain drops. And when that sweet bird music is gone I really do miss it. So it is a sort of a longing for that times, sunshine and birds.

My birds collage is from ephemeras and the text is 7 dots studio. I used Finnabair stencil with acrylic, that I washed with glimmer glam. I added also some texture paste with a burlap stencil.

On the other side my ephemeras are sitting on a half dolly, and my page is colorised with glimmer mists and inks gold.

On the top and the button of my spreads there are arrows drawn with TCW stencil and Posca markers.

So how do you feel about the coming autumn? Don’t you miss the gorgeous spring and summer time? I do, but the memories are sweet and they give a lot of energy to work through the cold, grey and rainy days. So tweet-tweet and a lot of shine for everyone!


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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22 Responses to Bird’s sweet song

  1. great spread Ruth,as always!

  2. Cindy Bliss says:

    Beautiful. It feels calming and I can relate to how you are feeling. The same feeling has come over me lately also!

  3. iHanna says:

    Such a lovely page, and I agree, waking up to bird song is great. I miss them in the winter…

  4. zksmith says:

    What a nice, nostalgic page, Ruth! Each season has its own wonder! I personally quite like winter, as long as it’s not too cold! Love your stenciling in this and the arrows! I’m a sucker for arrows, LOL!

    • lerusho says:

      Zsuzsa, I like winter when it is snowy, when I can hear the cracking of freshly fallen snow under my boots, but when it is only grey and rainy, let it shine or let it snow 🙂

  5. massofhair says:

    Beautiful pages Ruth, i adore the autumn and winter they are my two favourite seasons. My body doesn’t like them but my soul does… 🙂 xxx

  6. kampysgirl says:

    Beautiful Ruth! And I really love that burlap stencil- you use it so well!

  7. oh how I could relate your page! Our home has been settling in for the long winter ahead for a few days. All the yard is cleaned up – the boys’ trampoline has been put away now, the balls are away, the grandbaby’s car and other outdoor toys are stored. It makes me sad to see the leaves falling off the tree and the bareness of the branches. I had no idea all that was affecting my mood until I saw your page!! Thank you for awakening this in me – time to paint!

  8. Especially love the blue and textures that are showcasing the bird and the border is striking too. I love the transition to Autumn and yesterday afternoon there was the real smell of Autumn outside which I would love to capture. Now if you were in close proximity to my roof space you would be getting the buzz of wasps that have taken up residence!!!

  9. Susan Carol says:

    Birdsong is such a wonderful sound. Yes, I really miss it but I still get to enjoy seeing the birds in my garden – I have several seed feeders and get lots of different birds in. Gorgeous pages, love the blues.

  10. rhodyart says:

    lovely work

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