Find something special to remember…

How many layers do you create on one spread? Craft Hoarders Anonymous challenge #18 is layer it, and layer it at least with three layers. I had to laugh, because it reminded me to my son, when he was younger, he loved layering his pancakes, and if I said ‘hey isn’t that going to be enough?’ he answered ‘just one more’. So let’s count together, one, two, three and ‘just one more’…

Find something special to remember this… and now I am going to show you my ‘pancake’ layers, will you count with me? My first layer was an acrylic stripe that I rolled outΒ with a Brayer to create texture in my paint.

For my next layer I used a piece from he wood patterned canvas that was lying around on my table. I stitched on it a piece of lace, that I have for ages, it is grey, grey is the colour that I use the less, or black or white, well white is the best, I can tint it, but grey… Now I discovered that it goes great with that wood pattern, like made for each other. And if we are already with grey tints, I used an old book page with Memory box dies to cut some bubbles. I applied both of them.

Now one side seemed so empty, so my next layer became a stamp, actually the French Journal stamp with watering can archival ink as I didn’t want to have a to strong image, I even blended the ink with some wet tissue, so it will be more dazzled.

I have a bag full of ephemeras and I got two more bags not a long time ago, I made a promise first I use the older ones. So I made a layered collage, where I visioned these three gentlemen like travellers with a hot air balloon.

I distressed the ephemera edges with distress ink before collaging them. ‘Just one more’ layer seemed to essential and that supposed to be some embellishments: some self rusted found objects and a pebble.

Oh no ‘just one more’ layer, promise that is going to be the last one: some glass beads.

But before I let you go I show you some details:

There, there, now you can go and check on the fantastic works at Craft Hoarders Anonymous blog.

About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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38 Responses to Find something special to remember…

  1. says:

    Your work is truly amazing. Each page just gets better and better. I get so many ideas from you that I want to try.

  2. Susan Carol says:

    Gorgous! Love all the layers.

  3. That blue is so striking, especially with the fabulous die cut bubbles (you see, you are fast adopting the motifs of a West Ham fan!). Love the ephemera images too. You pull them altogether with great aplomb.

  4. I think the grey lace makes the blue “bubble” even more. Great collage and what a fab stamp, the french journal one.

    • lerusho says:

      Vicky, the French Journal is a home runner, it is France Papillon from Stampotique πŸ™‚ By the way the grey lace is so long with me, it just didn’t match anything till now, but never say never…

  5. kampysgirl says:

    loving those bubbles Ruth! Great job with your layers!

  6. didlet says:

    Gorgeous project! Love all the details and the layers you added. Thanks for joining Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  7. lostcoastscrapper1 says:

    Beautiful and unique! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  8. Fantastic project Ruth. I love the texture in the deep blue colour and the lace is a nice touch.

  9. I just love this! It’s such an interesting mix of modern/abstract art and vintage…it’s intriguing! Thanks for sharing this with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  10. zksmith says:

    I really like this one, Ruth! The fact that you use only one strong colour, makes it really pop. Your real challenge would be NOT to use many layers, as you naturally always do!

  11. tabortooth says:

    Smashing job here, Ruth!!! Adore your “layer” story … “just one more”… Isn’t that the way or usually goes — pancakes or ephemera? ?!!

  12. Ohhhhhh Ruth…..LOVING those layers! I really needed this inspiration because TOOOO OFTEN, I work in one dimension and I sooooo need to do more layering in my projects! Love all the elements in this piece and they symbolism of those pancakes ONLY made me hungry!!! LOL Love it my friend!! Blessings

  13. smithgfb says:

    This is just so creative! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  14. Amber Milone says:

    This is such an awesome mixed media layout! I love the deep cobalt blue crackle with the masculine picture as the centerpiece. Thanks for joining us at CHACB!

  15. Your ‘just one more’ story made me smile
    what you’ve created here is really fabulous Ruth…
    each and every layer speaks to me!

  16. Becca Cruger says:

    HOLY WOW! This is an absolutely stunning creation. You definitely have some talent with layers!

  17. rhodyart says:

    love it! More layers is more fun

  18. Pamela Bray says:

    Fabulous, ove all the layers… thanks for joining us on the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Craft Blog.

  19. I always look forward to coming here! I never know what amazing thing you will share with us! This is a stunning layered piece. I love the paints and such. And the depth of color! Thanks for playing along at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

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