Autumn gelliarts leaves

Autumn, here we are, till now nice and warm, not only in colours but also in weather. I love that time of the year, I think because the colours seem to be richer than any other time. That deep red, or the warm orange/yellow, or that end of the summer green, they all call me “take me home and give me some texture”, so I created two mixed media canvases autumn 1 and autumn 2.

As today morning I walked down, I saw does beautiful coloured leaves in the dirt of the streets and it hit me, wow I have the same colours in gelli prints at home. So when I arrived home I pulled them all out and I had to die cut and emboss some leaves with Sizzix tattered leaves.

Nice, aren’t they? But I just can’t leave them on the table, they need a proper background! And there we go. I had a piece of fine canvas, some grunge boards, great opportunity to create my own canvas boards (they are left overs, so if you take a good look, you can see that they are different in size). After I applied the first layer of fine canvas it seemed to be to proper to me, so I added some older printed canvas pieces as a collage, and as I am the never knows when it is enough girl, I had to add some thread as well, all with soft gel of course. After it dried it was still to ‘clean’ for me. So I took my Lindy’s stamp gang sprays and a water mister and no mercy, don’t ask for colour code used everything that came to my hand. When I finished and looked at it I decided it needs some splatters, so I added it with gesso mixed with water. Finally I wanted a frame, but not an additional, but something that can be a part of that background, not to pop too much, but still a bit of an interest. There came the copper crackle texture paste with the bamboo stencil and tadaah two mixed media backgrounds for my gelliarts leaves.

And then I played a bit with my leaves, put them here and then there, till I find the right lay out. That’s the story of my autumn gelliarts leaves. And finally some close ups:

No autumn leaf was harmed during the process. Original gelli prints made with Golden Open Acrylics. Thanks for dropping by! Happy autumn time everyone!


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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14 Responses to Autumn gelliarts leaves

  1. vicki ross says:

    Very nice, Ruth! Enjoyed the post. Xoxoxo, vicki

  2. zksmith says:

    Not one but two! Great looking canvases, Ruth! What paper were the gelli prints that you embossed? I like that printed ribbon – it looks really cool on your design!

    • lerusho says:

      Zsuzsa, that’s a 140 lb paper, to emboss you need or thicker paper or if you have your print on tissue, than you need to apply it on thicker paper. The printed ribbon is a canvas stripe, that is printed, a cheap finding in a local store 😉

  3. rozwil says:

    Wow these are very beautiful Ruth…so much colour and texture. Love them both!

  4. kraaftshaak says:

    If I have to pick a favorite, I choose #1 – but what I found the most intriguing was the string!!! I had no idea that is what it was until I looked at the step by step pictures.
    very nice pieces (as usual!)

  5. these lovely canvases capture fall just perfect, now you can look at them all year and get that warm cozy feeling af fall.

  6. kampysgirl says:

    Ruth! Such gorgeous colors and textures! Pure heaven! xoxo

  7. wandahentges says:

    This is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the textures and colors and EVERTHING!!!

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