Fear of perfection

Word up #87 at One little word is FEAR. Being sick this week and forced to stay in bed I had enough time to take a time travel and try to discover the dark/fearful side of me. I may say truly I became brave. My fear was perfection, to stand in expectations in every way, in real life and in artistically. I don’t care anymore, that’s what I am, that’s who I am, you may like it, than join me, you may not than just leave me. So simple. I think my eyes were opened with Salvador Dali’s words: have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it!

This spread was beginning with some really imperfect scarp collage.

Yes it was there, but it’s not enough, no not for me, so I had to add some washi tape, that was torn from all the directions. And of course some stamping with my favorite Stampotique stamps.

On the way I wanted some more texture, so I used my little swirl stamp and some distress embossing powder. The result is great when you run your fingers through the spread. I thought about some shadows, no that’s going to be to strong, I rather wanted to have a bit of a tint, softer than a shadow, so I took some ecoline and I went around my scraps in the upper part, while on the lower I used Lindy’s stamp gang spray (golden sleigh bells) with hexagon stencil, I got some sparkles.

As I was already busy with hexagon shapes, I added some from black scraps and some white enamel accent on top of them.

The word fear was stamped with Stampotique’s Altered alpha and the rest of the text was added with black gel pen.

And just from my mojo, I had to add some imperfect black enamel accents to those imperfect hexagon shapes of mine. I splattered some Lindy’s stamp gang’s baby blue eyes aqua spray around my spread.

So if I can leave a message for the end, it would be: have no fear, not of a white page or where the inner voice takes you, just flow with it! Have no fear of perfection, stop when YOUย feel satisfied with your creation!


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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21 Responses to Fear of perfection

  1. kampysgirl says:

    Ha!! I love it Ruth!! You made me laugh out loud with that !! heehee xo

  2. Cindy Wirl says:

    Love the sparkle and enamel accents!
    Your words are so true and inspiring…thank you!

  3. beautiful artwork and Iove the quote xoxo

  4. massofhair says:

    Can really feel your emotion here Ruth, the frustration followed by excitement and then calm when you managed to get this done to your ‘perfection’. Fab inspiration and a heavy truth… i still let my inner critic get to me lol!

    Hope you feel better very soon and get to enjoy the weekend:-) xxx

  5. Susan Carol says:

    Ruth, I love everything about this and all you have to say about it. So important to accept who we are and not try to be perfect. I love the washi tape and the hexagons especially on your page.

  6. I love this page so much, Ruth. The muted colors and your design is fabulous. I especially love the sentiment and how you used the word fear – it’s so true!!!!

  7. Pallavi says:

    I so relate with what you wrote.The quest for perfection is so debilitating for me because sometimes I don’t do things for the fear of not doing them well.The sentiment on the page is perfect.Hope you are feeling better now!

  8. zksmith says:

    What a powerful quote! The fear of perfection is really the fear of failure! I can relate to that! Great artistic interpretation! Hope your sickness is gone!

  9. welcome back, I was already starting to miss you lol. Lovely spread with a great quote we should all live by, in everything we do, from our everyday life to our art work.

    • lerusho says:

      Thanks Vicky, it was an awful cold/flu, I had fever and I just couldn’t climb out of my bed, but now I feel better, a bit weak and tired, but happy that I can get inky and painty again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. A great post and great advice. Seems we have been sick buddies as I have been completely knocked out by the same thing not even been near my craft ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Kept thinking I was on the mend only to be proved wrong .Hope you are soon back to full strength. Hugs xx

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