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It’s my Monday to join the Creative Blog Hop. I was invited by Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith, thank you, Zsuzsa! I met Zsuzsa through an online community, Colorful playground. I loved Zsuzsa’s gelli prints and the way she made a little journal out of them, make sure you check it out here.

I need to admit that I am not the best to talk about myself or to explain my works, as I always used to say “love it or live it”, can’t sell myself and hate writing bio’s. Anyway I will try my best.

1. What are you working on at the moment?

Well, I am always busy with several visions in my head, even though I don’t like publishing details till I call it a finished work, but I will make an exception this time. I can tell you that’s a still secret project, love the theme…  it’s something new and something old, something long and something short, something red and something blue and a peek:

something long

something short

something blue

and something metal of course…

If you are interested how all this little parts are coming together, then check back after the 5th October (or just hit the subscribe button and you’ll be up-to-dated).

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

Everyone has a personal touch and I think my accent is on the texture that I create. I love playing around with molding paste, gel mediums and other stuff and by other stuff I literally mean everything that I can put my hand on. My favorite is rusting all kinds of found objects, especially the ones from the hardware store. I even create grunge with effect powders.

3. Why do you create?

I create because I have an inner voice that calls me to do so. I love experimenting and stretching the limits no matter what others think about me, the most important that I enjoy my time.

4. How does your creative process work?

Wow, that’s a difficult one, I can’t put one suit on my processes, every and each one of them is different. Usually I get a vision, it comes in the middle of the night, I dream about a project and then if I could I would run down to begin with it immediately, but of course I need to consider my family, so it needs to wait till the morning. Then a process is a process, that means I experiment and one thing takes me to the other, I just go with the flow. I stop if mojo says enough. I can’t label things, every project is different.

I hope I was satisfying all the curiosity, but of course if anyone has any question I am always ready to answer.

Now I would like to introduce my friends to you!

Please give a warm welcome to Lisette aka Mrs Beez. Lisette and me have a common addiction and that concerns Stampotique stamps. Look at this beautiful stamping job. Though she took me down with her houses, she creates beautiful houses, you must go through her blog to see her beach ones, then her street and even with a bee. But of course she is a card wizard as well.

Now meet my art journaler friend Tracy, I fall in love with her header (people usually don’t read that part of the blogs) take a look at her motto: play, explore, create, imagine, live! – it says it all! Tracy I met via the Colorful Journey online community. Her journal pages inspire me always, I think it’s her circles or maybe her lines, definitely the thoughts behind the images, you can decide by yourself, just explore her site. Lisette and Tracy: please continue the blog hop by answering the above questions in a blog post published next Monday (September 29th) and inviting a couple of other artists/crafters to continue the following week.

Happy Monday everyone!

Lisette’s post you can find at the following link.

Over Tracy you can can learn more clicking here.


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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14 Responses to Creative blog hop

  1. kampysgirl says:

    It’s all true!! Your bin of rusted objects in your other post backs up your story!! teehee Great post Ruth, thank you for sharing about your art and thoughts on it! xo

  2. Thanks for answering me Ruth! I see now that it is the same blog hop, it’s just made it’s way around to me! Ha Ha! Thanks so much for letting me know! Blessings, my crafty friend! 🙂

  3. zksmith says:

    Aaah, so that’s how the inspiration comes – in the middle of the night! Fascinating insight into your creative mind! Your reply to the first question is so funny, a bit of a tease! Thanks for taking part Ruth – it’s great learning a bit more about you.

  4. Patty says:

    I enjoyed getting to know more about you Ruth. Thanks for taking part in this blog hop. hugs, Patty

  5. great to read about you and finding out something more about lerusho…

  6. mrsbeez says:

    Love reading about your process and inspiration and am very intrigued by your sneaky peek pics – especially the something long and the springy metal!! Thanks so much for the invite to take part and highlighting my blog.x

  7. kraaftshaak says:

    I thought I had left a comment here but am not seeing. I really enjoy your blog and your work. Although I am a new follower I can already see how inspirational your pieces can be. The fact that you get an idea and do not act upon it immediately is wonderful. I used to pounce on them and “work them out” immediately, but have had to consider my family too and I have learned that the ones that I allow to “marinate” tend to have “more seasoning” and it all works out for the better.

    Thanks for sharing YOU with all of us!!!

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