Fact or fiction?

Hi everyone! I am sorry that I am late with posting, or if in the next few days you will get coverage of several posts at the same time, but I am suffering major troubles with my internet supplier, who also seemed to forget his manners. So the situation is the next I am changing provider and the new installation is ready only next tuesday. So please be patient and live with me the next few days. Hopefully the new company won’t be such a pain than the present.

Talking about the internet trouble, like it would be cut on me Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge #16 is asking participants to use some office supplies in their art, oh yeah internet is also an office supply, but how to put it on paper. It came to my mind that how companies can trade is connected to feeds and news. News that’s it, well I tried something old and something new, some facts and some fictions, so an imaginary and an actual office supply spread:

Do you feel like having a coffee and take an official creating walk with me? First I used and “to do list” stamp (unknown origin, simple local office supply company) to stamp with archival ink on my page.

Then I used some newspaper scraps to collage around (someone needs to read the market report, doesn’t he). But of course I couldn’t stop, I had to add some more scraps, a piece of lace (found under my crafting mat), some thread and graphite texture paste.

And there, it hit me, naturally today everyone uses gps to get to work and then types letters on the computer, easy pie, you don’t like it push the delete button. What was before the delete button, does anyone remember it? I tell you, good old fashioned maps instead of gps and real ringing typewriters instead of computers or tablets. So I had to melt everything together and I made a typewriter from a map scrap.

New technology is good for us, isn’t it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes I feel like that they just try to pack money out of our pocket trying to convince us that the newer is faster, bigger and stronger. So is it a fact or is it just fiction what the news are feeding us with? That’s why I chose a headline “fact or fiction”, I even framed it with a cardboard piece that I embossed with liquid platinum and added some altered office paper fastener.

I needed a question mark so I applied one and I colored my page with green block print ink.

The one who uses paper fasteners uses paper clips as well probably, so did I!

At that moment I was satisfied I crafted myself out from office and news. Thanks for staying for this official broadcast of the breaknews: fact or fiction…

I am sharing my spread with Craft Hoarders Anonymous challenge #16 and with Journal 52 prompt newspaper.


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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26 Responses to Fact or fiction?

  1. again, love reading the story of how the page came together. love the typewriter cut out of a map, ingenius.

  2. zksmith says:

    LoL, Ruth, your writing is so funny! That Internet company really ticked you off, didn’t they? It sounds like you turned your anger into creative energy! I like how you just throw random things at your projects. “oh look, a piece of ribbon, let’s throw that in” Most of us would painstakingly sort through our ribbon collections trying to find the perfect match. When I grow up artistically, I wan to be like you!

    • lerusho says:

      Lol Zsuzsa, sometimes I don’t want to be me 😉 what I mean look at me instead of trying to get compensation from that company or to fight my way out with them, here I was letting them mess with me and I just made another piece of art. Is it normal?

  3. lostcoastscrapper1 says:

    Very cool, love that concept! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  4. massofhair says:

    Witty and sparkling post Ruth, thank you for explaining your page so well, loving how your brain works, connecting everything.

    Before the delete button on a keyboard in my life there was Tippex, a solution you painted over the incorrect words you had typed, waited for it to dry then overtyped with your correctly typed word. We have indeed come a long way… 🙂 xxx

  5. Absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing your creative process, it always intrigues me as to how others go about creating.
    Happy you shared with us at Craft Hoarders Anon 🙂

  6. smithgfb says:

    This is one amazing piece! Thanks for sharing the process! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  7. shilpa says:

    Wonderful page. love your take on office supplies challenge.

  8. didlet says:

    Great page, love your take on the supply challenge. Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  9. kampysgirl says:

    Great post! It’s one of those Love Hate relationships!! heehee
    Your piece has so much depth- I love the way you layered it Ruth! well done! xo

  10. JenHoney says:

    Love this layout!!!

  11. Oh, I just loved the way you shared your creative process with us. That was fun! The page is wonderful with all its layers and grunge and inky element! Thanks for writing such an entertaining post! Thanks for sharing with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  12. Pam Bray says:

    Fabulous journal page, just beautifully done. Thanks for sharing with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  13. Thanks for the ramble in your head! I had fun! {giggle} My family often asks me what I am thinking so hard about, and honestly, they don’t really want to ride that brain train with me…it is messy and smelly and crowded. hee hee Great post and AWESOME journal page! What a treat!

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