A Little Touch of Tim – ATCs only

Okey here comes the big confession: I’ve never made any ATC before in my life… guess what – I liked it, and I think I will do it even more often. These ATC’s were made for Vintage Journey’s challenge #13 and I was inspired by Tim’s augustus tag.

I really enjoyed to play around with the cards to create a whole set out of them. Do you feel like joining me in my process? Just a few minutes and a quick walk through. First I added Tim Holtz’s tissue wrap in small stripes here or there.

And here the sun was shining on my table, so you got the shadow as well. (Promise no more shadows, I pulled the curtain in.) Then I decided I would like to make something around the theme of end summer/beginning autumn so I took Tim Holtz stamp set CMS 181 and I stamped randomly on my atcs with archival ink. (You know I thought birds will leave soon, feather and leaves are falling from the trees and yeah maybe a thinking face looking back to the nice memories of the summer…)

And then I decided I would like to add some texture, so I used Tim’s honeycomb and harlequin stencils with texture paste.

Next step I wanted to add some colors, so I used distress stains (mustard seed, dried marigold and mowed lawn), I misted my atc’s with water and colored them.

I still wanted to have some more color, so I used distress ink (aged mahogany) through the faded dots stencil. Then I added some stitches and finally my words from Chitchat stickers.

At that moment I wanted to add something special to my edges, to emphasize the cards one by one, so I inked the edges with distress embossing ink and I dipped them in walnut stain distress embossing powder. And here they are my first atc’s:

So why don’t you let me know how you liked them?

About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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34 Responses to A Little Touch of Tim – ATCs only

  1. Do I like them….ummmmm…..YES!!! Ruth, you are too funny! As though your creativity would some how miss the boat in an ATC!!!! LOL!!! These are fabulous and I really like what you did with them. Like you, I have never done an ATC (unless you count the one I put on that card I made last week), but I have seen a lot of hub bub about them on line and have wanted to start a journal with ATC’s. You have inspired me and I’m thinking I will have to give it a go! Nice work, AS ALWAYS, Ruth! Love them! Good luck with the challenge!

    • lerusho says:

      Felicia, I think my appetite just opened, I was also think about creating a certain collection or journal from them, hmmm let’s see, I’ll sleep on it… 🙂 xoxo

  2. mrsbeez says:

    You totally nailed it with your first ATCs, they are fabulous and I do hope you will do more.

  3. wandahentges says:

    These are wonderful, Ruth!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wonderful Atc’s Ruth! Great colours and texture. What a good idea to use he washi tape to hold them together. Karen.x

  5. Wonderful first time ATCs Ruth! I love how you created such a cohesive set of six with wonderful colours and texture. Fabulous! Thank you for joining us at A Vintage Journey for our ATC challenge. Jennie

  6. zksmith says:

    These are fantastic! I like how all 6 of them have the same feel. You just know they belong to the same set. You also seem to find all the fun challenge blogs on the Internet. I’ve bookmarked them all!

  7. I love your ATC’s; the coloring is just fantastic. I will take a page from your book next time and hook them all together to make a set. I had the hardest time at first, until I got on a roll, making 6 little compositions.

  8. aintnoninny says:

    These are gorgeous! I love the idea of working at 6 at a time. They are cohesive and it is like doing one larger piece rather than 6 tiny pieces (which is where I flounder with ATCs). Thanks for showing how you did it.

  9. Fun to see your creative process and I like the idea of making a ‘master board’ to start out with.
    ATCs are a fun size…hope you make more as these turned out great!

  10. They are gorgeous! Great progress Ruth, thank you for sharing!

  11. muriel says:

    Great ATCs! I love the way you worked on all six together. I fell in love with ATCs about 6 years ago and make some regularly for different occasions. I give them to friends or family.They love them and some people have quite a collection now. I also make some just for me.

  12. they are just awesome, Ruth. I first tought they were small canvases. PS You shouldn’t draw in the curtains, but enjoy the sunlight while it’s there 🙂

    • lerusho says:

      Thanks Vicky, I’ve got the trouble with the sun when it comes to photography, somehow it doesn’t fall good on my table, man I should turn the house I live in 🙂

  13. Paula says:

    I’ve already commented in the “playground” but wanted to have a closer look on here.
    Fabulous texture. I’m big on homemade paste & try to use.

  14. A really great way of creating ATC’s . Thanks for joining us at A Vintage Journey, Trace x

  15. Sue says:

    Beautiful! I’ve always done my ATC’s one by one – it never occurred to me to do them as a layout and then cut them into ATC’s. (Or cut them into ATC’s and then place them together as a layout) beautiful work – and I’M inspired by YOU! I saw Patricia’s post welcoming you to the group so I had to come here to see what all the hubbub was about – I LOVE your art, Ruth!! More ATC’s…

  16. I love creating ATC’s also. Making a set from a master block is a clever idea and made for a beautiful and coordinating set – I look forward to giving this a try. TFS!

  17. Julie S says:

    Your first ATCs? You’re a natural. These are gorgeous!

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