Stress… days long gone

Stress… do you feel stress, and what do you do to relax? That’s the new theme on Mixed media place what are you feeling challenge. Well, I would rather ask that is there anyone today in our running life who doesn’t feel stressed from time to time? Just think about the deadlines in your commission… of course everyone has stress. But what do you do about it? How can you relax? For me the answer is easy, I relax with creating and by that I mean creating for fun, for myself, experimenting. So here is my piece for mixed media place:

I need to tell you I am not so violent with my art supply, the broken pencil is more for visualizing the forced creation, or sort of an “inspiration break”. I was beginning with a white canvas (it’s already stress for some people) and I wanted to keep it monochrome, even a bit cool, so I applied some gesso randomly through a stencil.

I was still on my monochromic line so I took a simple deco ribbon to break the canvas to two and I added some modeling paste through another grunge stencil.

But then I looked at it, and with all that texture on it I didn’t feel any coolness anymore, I decided to go for one color, only one and no more, and so I found Lindy’s stamp gang pop rock purple spray as the chosen one. Oh yeah and for a bit of a glaze silk acrylic boysenberry. The ink drops are from sennelier drawing ink 701. Finally what can calm the stress… maybe yoga, or meditation… some far east magic, so let’s use a texture stamp with archival ink (sorry from all the experts I have no idea if it’s Chinese or Japanese).

I felt pretty close, but as usual I can’t finish my canvas without some self-altered embellishments. Then there was that circle in the middle that asked for something more, so I painted on top of it a bit more.

As my embellishments are from metal and the pencil is from wood so instead of glue I used beeswax to apply all my pieces to my canvas. I added some shades or darker tints with pan pastel.

Do you see that fluffy effect of the paint doodle in the middle, that’s a mystical beeswax paint reaction, loved it and that was a pure luck experiment. At the graphite tip of my pencil I added the text “days long gone”, it’s a Cold country element from 7dots studio.

Hope you are all relaxed and ready to create and thanks for staying. I am sharing my canvas with Mixed media place see you there!


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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32 Responses to Stress… days long gone

  1. mrsbeez says:

    Your post is timely as I am stressed to the max with my day job at the minute and the demands mean I’m not able to indulge in my normal stress busting/relaxation technique of creating. So, gazing awhile at your fabulous piece and its creation will allow a bit of “me” time and to create vicariously! The colour is so soothing and there’s a certain satisfaction in that broken pencil.:)

    • lerusho says:

      Lisette, I remember that I took an art class (long time ago though in my teenage time) and there one of the guys used to sharpen his pencils endlessly when he was stressed and another girl used to chew on her pencils, so I went drastic, that’s definite, no way back and immediate. 😉

  2. Felicia Aaron says:

    You, Ruth, are just pretty amazing! I love this piece! All love all the elements of this canvas and totally get it’s conveyed message! By nature, I am a stressful person…..I think they call it OCD…LOL, but your message in “days gone by” really spoke to me because with my faith and how I believe, those days have gone by and were finished on the cross! Thank you for the reminder, especially today because I have to go to the dentist!! Aaaahhh! LOL!! Thank you as always for sharing your amazing creativity!

  3. Mónica says:

    Buaaa me encanta!!! me parece superchulo!!!

  4. such an amazing canvas Ruth. Like how you explain it step by step. Creating is indeed stress releaving, the only thing is I can get stressed because of time limitation to do any crafting.

    • lerusho says:

      It’s not easy sometime, I wish that I could have a whole studio for myself, but I need to live with a table only, so one project a time, but more then nothing 😉

  5. Fabulous Ruth! By far my favorite! I love all of that texture and the way you went from white page to those beautiful Lindy’s colors and all!! Just stunning-Bravo!!

  6. shilpa says:

    Awesome mixed media piece. Beautiful purple color…
    I visited your other posts, great work, I am following you on bloglovin now.

  7. This is wonderful…love all your elements, especially the broken pencil.

  8. Christine says:

    nice mixed media piece!

  9. I really like this piece. There is emotion and feeling in all aspects. Well done

  10. Love your mixed media canvas. I have been taking a “fun” break in creating too – it helps a lot in stress relief.

  11. pbhum says:

    As always your work is awesome. No one can look at your creation and stay emotionless. It always appeals for emotion… Thanks for playing with us at MMP

  12. paperiliitin says:

    Fantastic piece! I looove the broken pencil there, such a powerful symbol! Truly amazing once again! Thank you so much for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  13. nanou49 says:

    looooove it! fabulous work! it is true: relax with creating Thank

  14. Cassandra says:

    Cool canvas and I really like that broken pencil idea. Great post too!

  15. lindabrun says:

    I totally agree, there is nothing more rewarding than experimenting and you discover new techniques and get amazing results. Fantastic piece and thank you for playing along with us at MMP.

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