Mother’s day present packaging

Yeehaw is everyone ready? Do you have your card for your beloved mother and granny already? And what about the present packaging? Need a simple box idea, here we go, all you need is your gelli-arts gel plate for monotype printing, some glue and that’s what you get:

Mum – present box

Cute isn’t it? You feel like creating one, you can join me and follow the step by step instructions. First I made a print with green using real leaves, you can already find them in the nature, can choose any type you like. Oh yeah, and I printed it on a white chipboard, because I knew it’s going to be a box.

As mine needs to make it for long distance (traveling more then 1000 km with mail) I applied some soft packaging inside, I found it in the local retailers’ shop for packaging materials.

I made a simple rectangle shape, without completely cutting down the corners. I used the corners to bend it in and glue it together, so it will hold my box stronger. For folding the box shape I used folding bone so the chipboard won’t break but fold nicely. I didn’t use any special packaging template, just my liner and my common sense. After assembling that was the result.


Phew managed and sitting!


Wow even that leaf print is sitting at the perfect place! It couldn’t be better…

Inner side

And I even got a nice inner view. That leaf on the top sits so great, but still I would like to add some decoration. I made some gelli prints this time with red from sort of a flower from a spring time bouquet (don’t ask me the name, I am not good from botanics).

The unknown spring timer

And I used my tattered floral die to cut flower petals from my prints. I assembled my floral petals and used a pin to hold them together. I arranged them on my box and finally I printed “Mum” on it with archival ink.

Hope you like my idea, hope my mother likes my box, there’s of course a present that comes in it, but yes, that’s between me and her, I am going to put it into a postal box and send it still today. Be careful Mr. Postman please!

About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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10 Responses to Mother’s day present packaging

  1. amazing boy Ruth! I also love the creative hands spread below!

  2. Fabulous project – love the colours and how you used your prints to make the flowers, very effective.

  3. What a clever idea! And you can make a custom size if needed. So pretty!

    • lerusho says:

      Thank you Christina, actually it’s possible to use a 12″x14″ plate, I used the smaller one because that’s what I need for the present, and it needs to be pack tight it travels a long way…

  4. You gift box for your Mum is quite lovely Ruth and I am sure she will enjoy this! “)

  5. Your project is beautiful! Thanks for taking part in the Inspiration challenge X

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