Found memories triptych

My early childhood memories always take me back to my granny. As my mother had a serious car accident I was nearly all the time by her. She was in my eyes the most wonderful woman on earth. For others she was a simply pattern maker, stitcher, or decorator, she used to sew dresses from wedding till funeral, and from table decorations to curtains everything. I grew up among 7 different Singers (don’t tell you which type, then you’ll know how old I am). So my found memories are all about my granny…

Found memories triptych

Are you going to join me for this Vintage Journey? As always I’ll show you a few steps on the way. First I used Tim Holtz’s Artful Dwellings die to cut the shapes from cardboard and then I covered them with canvas and plaster.

Looks clean and white, so I need to get them inky, I went for dylusions to color them. Now it looks more interesting, isn’t it?

But as usual I need more layers, so I took Tim’s eye chart stencil and some distress ink and applied another layer.

I distressed my sides as well. I added from Tim’s ephemera my images and my self-rusted embellishments. Then I connected my triptych. I let some beeswax run over some parts and added some more accents with distress ink.

And now if you read so far, you may like to know what is on each section, so let’s see it one by one:

Number 14 on the first section is the apartment number, where we used to live. Safety pins always good to have for a dressmaker. ‘Memories of you’ means my memories over my dear Granny, who unfortunately left us in the early 90s. And the ruler part reminds me the table’s ruler part of the old Singer machines.

The middle section has three altered pins. A female image from the ephemera packages. The old buttons are also something that is around on a table of a dressmaker. The ruler I explained already.

And fo course a dressmaker’s doll and a price ticket. All parts of my memories from my childhood. Hopefully you enjoyed that little ride back to the past with me.

I am sharing my triptych with Vintage Journey‘s challenge 5: Found memories.


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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11 Responses to Found memories triptych

  1. I love everything about this – colours, images, shape – the lot! And I especially love the story it tells and the wonderful memory. The really good news is that I have just ordered the Artful Dwellings die and would not have thought of making a triptych so very excited now. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • lerusho says:

      Lisette, I have the Artful dwellings for a while, and I didn’t really use it at all, but now I didn’t find the right size of cards to assemble, so I decided why not, creative and innovative use of the die 😉

  2. I love this Ruth! Thank you for sharing your memories of your Granny! Would love to see a photo of her- do you have one- she sounds like she was a wonderful woman- the apple in your eye! xo

    • lerusho says:

      With all the moving unfortunately my paper photos are left behind, but every summer I “go home” to visit and then I can dig in the family archives. 80s we still didn’t use digi-photos and photo sharing sites 😉

  3. Anne says:

    Your triptych is beautiful! I love the colour of the base, the lovely stenciling and all the wonderful ephemera that you have create a sewing theme. It is a lovely memento of your Granny. Thank you so much for joining our Fond Memories Challenge at a Vintage Journey. Anne x

  4. Terry says:

    Such a lovely triptych and a lovely tribute to your Granny! I love the eye-chart in the background and how you combined all the sewing theme elements! I so remember those old Singer sewing machines! Thank you for joining us with your fond memories at A Vintage Journey!

  5. Paula says:

    Lovely textural piece. I have very similar memories as you. My childhood was spent with Grandma learning needlework.

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