Paint party fun or entrance door with new sign

It was time to make my fingers painty with a “home sweet home” project. I had a great helper as well, my 11 year old son. We had to paint our apartment entrance door, the color was our owner’s decision as we rent our loft. So we pulled up our sleeves and we begin to work. We were sanding it down and then putting on it a layer of special wood protector and finally the color (our house is a historical building).

Well the door was nice and shining but then my son said: ‘mum, the old sign doesn’t look like for me, can we make a new one?’ How can I say no to him, of course we can, especially that he wanted to work together. That’s the result after 2 days, hope you like it.

our door with new sign

As summer is coming up he wanted to have a seashore theme. So first we made a paper collage on a wood board. We covered it with gesso and then with naples yellow and light umber acrylic. We applied modeling paste through prima’s anchor stencil and my son added some shells for embellishments.

Afterwards he smudged the background with light turquoise. The letters are actually from foam, that we covered with silver tape from the hardware store, then painted with bronze; embossed with sizzix embossing folder, and cut the typo. After applying we added some shades and finally we sealed everything with a layer of beeswax. My son decided to add some ribbon deco by the side (I think he enjoyed drilling the wholes). Here are two detail photos:

It was a great fun to be busy on a project together with my son, what can I say I love vacations!


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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10 Responses to Paint party fun or entrance door with new sign

  1. valerie-Jael says:

    A beautiful piece! Valerie

  2. OOhhhhh I really like this. Very cleaver and so inviting.

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