Rain or shine

How is the weather with you today? Does it rain or does the sun shine? And which is your favorite weather? Does sun or rain have influence on you? Well I think that it depends on us, and how we feel, if we are happy we care a good pack of sunshine with us wherever we go even if it rains or snows. So I rather agree with the words of John Ruskin: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

rain or shine

I was beginning with a layer of gesso, and lighter and darker blue tints of acrylics. Then I used mod spirals stencils from TCW on the darker side with white and the lighter side with yellow acrylics.


I colorized tissue paper with night-blue dylusion ink and cut some raindrops that applied to the dark rainy side of my page. I outlined my raindrops with white chalk.


For the sun I colorized tissue paper with squeezed orange dylusion ink, used my sunray TCW stencil to cut my sun. I applied it to my page and outlined with red chalk and charcoal.

happy weather

I used Jessica Sporn’s jumping stencil to make my happy figure. I made my figure jump out of my background with outlining her with charcoal.


Finally I added my text on a 7dots studio Nature walk tag.

I am sharing my spread with Journal 52Β prompt: rain or shine.



About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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29 Responses to Rain or shine

  1. I love your raindrops !

  2. egratsia says:

    Beautifully done pages!!! Love the whole concept and I love how you added charcoil to the jump stencil figure! Clever! πŸ™‚

  3. ukmaryanne says:

    Oh the whole thing is just yummy. LOVE the sun – and it’s sunny here for a change but not as warm as your page πŸ™‚

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (15)

  4. G’day and happy WOYWW to you. Its been a long long time since I have played in WOYWW. So glad I dropped by yr blog in the process of joining in today though. Your weather jornal pages just make me smile… I really love them! It was good to read yr process in making them too
    Annette In Oz #23

  5. carolyndube says:

    These 2 pages are so great next to each other! The sun and rain!

  6. Susanne says:

    Love the “look” of the sun!

  7. Monica Smith says:

    I am on Journal52, along with 6000 others. love how you made it and the quote. Perfect page

    Monica 83

  8. Sandy says:

    Love your pages! It’s so true that all types of weather have their beauty and their purpose. But some are nicer to go out in than others. πŸ™‚

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #16

  9. Jackie N says:

    Ruth! Such a fun and happy page!!You just made my sunshine even sunnier!! Love the way you applied the gesso and really digging those raindrops! hugs “)

  10. Julia says:

    I do admire your pages, lovely depth of colour and texture, amazing what you do with tissue paper!
    Please visit the ‘What is WOYWW’ page on my blog, as this post doesn’t really meet the very few ‘rules’.

  11. Chris Porter says:

    Wow, your pages are beautiful! Chris # 35

  12. kimmer says:

    Hi there… I must say, I do love coming to see your art… very inspirational! I am participating in Journal 52 also… great fun for getting me started with art journaling.

    • lerusho says:

      Thank you Kimmer, it’s lots of fun to be part of Journal 52, I like sharing my ideas with others and see others’ ideas as well and of course to get feedback; so thanks for stopping by!

  13. Very nice! thanks for sharing how you made the different elements of the journal pages. I absolutely love the rain scene and how the raindrops were made.

  14. iHanna says:

    Ha, how fun, I was talking about weather in my latest post on art journaling too. Not sure the weather always affect me, but I can see that the season’s colors do. Much more green in spring for example. πŸ˜‰

    • lerusho says:

      That’s right in the spring/summer season more bright colors are used, while at the fall/winter you can see more sober colors appearing in all art works. πŸ™‚

  15. Gloria says:

    Is very beautiful!

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