No special talent…only passionately curious…

No special talent… only passionately curious… mixed media on canvas. The question do you need to have a special talent to carry out your dreams in your life or is it enough to have a healthy portion of curiosity to discover all your aspects? Well I think it’s nice if you have some special talent, of course it’s also a lot easier, and yes we all have some talent no matter for what. But talent as itself is not enough to fulfill our dreams. We need to have a great portion of curiosity to move us, to discover new ways, to experiment and to be able to grow. Even most of my works are born from a curiosity that makes me figure out what will happen if… I mix this with that or if I apply this over there… so that happened on this canvas as well experimenting out of curiosity:


I was beginning with a paper collage from Cold country papers from 7 dots studio.

paper collage

I covered my collage with gesso and I applied some texture with modeling paste through gothic romance stencil.


I colorized my canvas with dylusion ink and painted with copper acrylic using the same gothic romance just repositioning my stencil. I added also some shades.


The middle part is cardboard, self-rusted embellishments, feathers and wool.

middle part

And finally a close up to the textures:

I am sharing my work with Mixed media place‘s challenge: curiosity.

What are you experimenting with today?


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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25 Responses to No special talent…only passionately curious…

  1. Ruth, This is absolutely fabulous! This has to be my most favorite yet! I love how you created it and the elements all tied together perfectly- and the color combination? I never would have thought to use- I love it- Striking!!

  2. j.ajabad says:

    Great textures. Are those pieces of hardware (for a lack of a better term) from old jeans? The corrugated cardboard fits it perfectly.

    I think life is kind a like a laboratory where experimenting is key. We experiement with our talents out of curiousity perhaps to find out if they possess any limitations.

    • lerusho says:

      Those embellishments are washers coming from a real hardware store (don’t tell them what you’re gonna use it for otherwise they look at you quiet strange). I rust them at home alone πŸ˜‰

      I like your interpretation over our laboratory πŸ™‚

      • j.ajabad says:

        Thanks! That’s funny, I’d think they wouldn’t care what you used them for as long as they were making money, LOL!

  3. ukmaryanne says:

    I love it. Very striking. I’m like you – I experiment and while I may not love every piece, I certainly learn something from each one, maybe learn MORE from the epic fails LOL! And really, how do you KNOW you have a talent for something until you try it? I might be brilliant at skydiving and never know…. πŸ˜€

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (11)

    • lerusho says:

      Mary Anne then it’s high time to try it, I mean the skydiving… πŸ˜‰ put your idea about it on a media then you’ll see how easy it is!

  4. Chris Porter says:

    So beautiful! Stunning page – I’m watching and (hopefully) learning. Thanks for sharing. Chrysalis 53

  5. Fab canvas, soft calm colors in the background and the brons gives it so much depth, great texture.

  6. valerie-Jael says:

    Beautiful! Valerie

  7. Tracey Fletcher King says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your process and the finished product is wonderful… Love the limited colour palette …xx

  8. Annette G says:

    Great title for your wonderful textured canvas. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. pbhum says:

    Beautiful background and texture!! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  10. Lynn Cohen says:

    lOve the texture of this mixed media piece. Fun art to make I bet!

  11. Wow this is striking. Thank you for showing your process.

  12. paperiliitin says:

    Superb! Love the quote! Thank you for joining the MMP challenge!

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