Project Artist brochure

Project Artist brochure is a brochure design that represents a modern artist and his/her works. The size is free and the form as well, something that matches the artist of course.

I chose Erwin Wurm. So let’s take a look at him.

Erwin Wurm was born in Bruck an der Mur, Austria in 1954. He lives and works in Vienna and in Limburg. He studied art in Salzburg and in Vienna. When he first applied to study art, he intended to pursue a career in painting. He was not accepted, however, and was sent to the sculpture school instead. “I realised that now I had to build myself a base that was related to this issue”, he recalls. “That became an investigation into what sculpture can mean today, and how I could respond to this – how I might make a connection between myself and the idea of sculpture. At that time I had absolutely no money, but I had to make work, so I used materials that other people threw away. And this brought me to the idea of using everyday materials, not only physical material but also issues and ideas. I often use the idea of sculpture as a catalyst: I ask the question ‘What is sculpture?’ Sculpture is to add volume, to take volume away.”

He’s right, of course. His art has consistently toyed with the idea of what a sculpture might be, from the famous One Minute Sculptures in which Wurm, or someone following his instructions, engages his body in a generally absurd relationship with objects or their environments (plugs his nostrils with marker pens or puts himself headfirst into a trashcan, for example) and holds the pose for a minute or the time it takes to capture the scene photographically – to his sweaters, cars, video works, instructional drawings, portraits of the artist as a useless human being and bananas stuffed into plug sockets. Indeed, such is Wurm’s inability to leave the subject alone that even his catalogues are not free from the drive to sculpt. Gurke (2009) has an embossed gherkin emerging from its front cover.

“If you approach things with a sense of humor, people immediately assume you’re not to be taken seriously. But I think truths about society and human existence can be approached in different ways. You don’t always have to be deadly serious. Sarcasm and humor can help you see things in a lighter vein” says he.

So let’s laugh a bit with Wurm.



About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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