“Typography not to be confused with topography”

A few days ago I found a great short film created by a group of students in the Digital Typography class at the Art Institute of California – Sacramento, 2010. Amazingly simple but still educational. Well if it was so easy with typo…


I found the lyrics written by John Slingerland, need to share it:

If I had to describe the kind of animals hide I’m wearing
I’d paint his picture on the wall inside of the cave we are sharing
and we could dance like ancient egyptians
we can get down like they do in hieroglyphics
if I had items to buy like goats and whores and slaves and carpet
I’d probably want a receipt for this transaction
incase I wanted to return to market and I’d share with greeks and romans
we’d make statuets and carve trajan type into columns


whoa oh it’s typography not to be confused with topography that’s the study of maps
whoa oh it’s typography we will be leaders of the post press industry

in the dark ages little was written until the bible was mass printed
now we’re smothered in religion
my printing press is the biggest in the land
you know i’m the best cause my typography was set by hand
yeah i’m the man
I really dig your serifs garamond
your italics are just right and your kernings never wrong
when in doubt i’d always use caslon
you know our forefathers couldn’t be wrong
a bad asskerville
looking for a thrill
no he didn’t use a quill and ink
his type setting methods are in snync
didot didot didot didot didot
thought bidoni was phony
said his type was bologna
there could only be one


About lerusho

I am obsessed with experimenting, using my fantasy and creating new and unique visions. The challenges are endless and that gives me real inspiration.
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